Peptides, Proteins & Antibodies


Peptides, Proteins & Antibodies

Application Notes

  • TN03 : Optimization of SPRi Experimental Conditions Using the SPRi-Arrayer
  • TN02 : Multiplexed Detection of Antigens Using an Antibody Biochip
  • TN04 : Example of Recycling Application: Capture of Low Concentrated Protein Samples
  • SPR30 : Detection of birch pollen allergen in the air: First feasibility study
  • SPRi-0809.11-v1.1 : Biochip robustness of diazonium-aniline derivatives proteins
  • SPRi-0708.2-V2 : Antibody-Antigen specific interaction
  • SPRi-0707.4-V1 : Peptide-Antibody interaction specificity

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  • AN36 : How to quantify a protein in different crude samples in one run, using the XelPleX
  • AN37 : How can Multiplexing Speed up the Optimization of your SPRi Experiment? Example for an Antibody Biochip

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