Multiplex label-free interaction analysis platform

Real-time label-free technologies are taking biomolecular interaction analysis a step further, especially when they are linked to imaging techniques. Multiplexing capabilities enable measurements of several hundreds of interactions simultaneously in only one experiment.

HORIBA Scientific innovative SPRi (Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging) solutions provide a flexible platform which allows designing a complete experiment. The platform consists of biochips, surface chemistry, spotting system, autosampler, SPRi detection system and dedicated software packages.

SPRi Biochips

SPRi-Biochips™ and SPRi-Slides™ are designed exclusively for HORIBA SPR imaging instruments. The flexible configuration of the spot matrix is suitable for the analysis of hundreds of molecular interactions in parallel.

Surface Chemistry

Our unique surface chemistries are not restricted to a single ligand / analyte regime. The biochips are easily adapted for specific processes.

Spotting Systems

HORIBA Scientific offers contact and flow printing systems for immobilizing ligands on SPRi-Biochips™ and SPRi-Slides™ in a multiplexed format.

SPRi Systems

The HORIBA Surface plasmon resonance imaging instruments are ideal solutions for label-free and multiplexed biomolecular interaction analysis. They are designed for easy determination of real-time interaction and kinetic studies.

SPRi Software

We have developed user-friendly software packages. The HORIBA Scientific SPRi software suite fulfills all requirements that are expected for molecular interaction analysis.

SPRi Reagents

Our SPRi reagents have been especially designed for our SPRi systems. They allow you to work with confidence and save time for faster results.