SPRi-Continuous Flow Microspotter™ (SPRi-CFM)


The SPRi-CFM is an automatic printer that uses flow deposition for printing biomolecules. Samples are cycled over the surface and captured from solution, leading to higher biomolecule density, better spot uniformity and improved assay sensitivity. The printhead uses a three-dimensional network of microchannels that allows for the flow of solutions over a substrate area. The printhead provides a seal to the substrate and confines the solution to the area of the individual spot, completely eliminating background signal and the possibility of cross-contamination.

Printing with flow enables
greater control over the
deposition process

SPRi-CFM printhead


Bench top printer that uses flow to immobilize biomolecules

  • Easy to use
  • Prints onto SPRi-Biochips™, SPRi-Slides™ and standard glass slides
  • Capture and deposition of molecules from complex samples
  • No cross-contamination
  • Increased spotting reproducibility and uniformity
  • Enhanced assay sensitivity

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  • Print method: Flow printing
  • Number of samples: Prints 48 samples at a time in a 4x12 matrix. Up to 96 samples can be printed on a SPRi-Biochip ™ or a SPRi-Slide ™
  • Sample types: Prints from dilute samples to crude media
  • Spots size: 400 microns squares with a pitch of 875 microns
  • SPRi-Slide™ or SPRi-Biochip ™ capacity: 1 SPRi-Slide™ or 1 SPRi-Biochip™
  • Glass slide capacity: 1 standard glass slide
  • Source plate capacity: 2 standard microtiter plates (96 or 384 wells)
  • System cleaning: Automated cleaning between samples and at shutdown