HORIBA European Group Environmental, Quality & Safety Policy

As a worldwide manufacturer of measurement and testing equipment and medical in-vitro diagnostic products, HORIBA corporate philosophy is to contribute to society by developing science and technology and improving human health.

The global HORIBA group is structured around five business segments in three geographic regions. All group companies contribute to customer satisfaction. They are driven by the same spirit of quality, environmental protection and safety toward the community and employees. In this way, each European company has implemented environmental, quality and safety management (EQS) systems according to ISO standards and regulations.

The missions of the EQS system for HORIBA in Europe are to:

  • Guarantee that products and services meet, or exceed, contractual specifications,
  • Ensure compliance to laws, regulations and standards of all countries in which we operate,
  • Promote a policy of continual improvement,
  • Protect natural resources, reduce environmental impacts of our activities and products to prevent
    climate change and reduce pollution,
  • Provide our personnel with a safe and healthy working environment,

Each company defines its own instrument to set and monitor objectives to improve the effectiveness of the management system including but not limited to the following common group objectives:

  • Decrease product warranty costs and respond to customer complaints more swiftly,
  • Improve the quality of new products,
  • Focus employee awareness on environmental issues,
  • Develop “green products” designed with consideration for the entire product life cycle,
  • Reduce the potential for risk and accidents.

Following HORIBA’s “Joy and Fun” culture, the participation of each and everyone is needed in order to reach these objectives.

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