ABX Micros 60

ABX Micros 60 - The most compact revolutionary innovation in hematology

Minipack or Bottle Reagents

16 parameters

CBC / 3 Part DIFF

Open or Closed Tube

ABX Micros ES 60

ABX Micros ES 60 - The Gold Standard : Perfect combination of intuitive use and innovative technologies

Minipack or Bottle Reagents

CT (Close Tube) and OT (Open Tube)

60 samples/hour (OT) & 50 samples/hour (CT)

CBC / 3 Part Diff

16 parameters




ABX Pentra XL 80

ABX Pentra XL 80 - High performance hematology analysis with integrated validation

Large capacity auto-loader (100 tubes)

Stat sampling on open or closed tubes

20 parameters

CBC / 5 Part DIFF

Integrated Workstation with Color Touch Screen

Integrated Validation Station

Customized Dilution Ratio (CDR)

APHA-370 Ambient THC monitor

APHA-370 Ambient THC monitor

The APHA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric THC, NMHC, and CH4 concentrations...