IG-331 Gloss Checkers


An economical gloss meter which utilizes a separate detector and light source, offers the ability to switch between 60 degree measuring angle for standard gloss measurement, and 20 degree measuring angle for high-gloss surfaces with gloss values over 70. One touch of the calibration key starts the automatic sequential zero-span calibration. Gloss meters reflect light when exposed to a surface. The intensity of this reflected light is measured as gloss. The IG-331 provides a measured value to confirm visual gloss observations reducing human error.

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IG-331 Literature

IG-331 Instruction Manual



  • Selectable measuring angles of 60 and 20 degrees
  • Automatic, sequential zero and span calibration


  • Quality control of paint and ink
  • Checking glossy printed advertisements
  • Checking external appearance of plastic mouldings
  • Checking building and masonry finishes
  • Floor maintenance.


Manufactured by HORIBA


Optical system

60° measurement: Incident angle 60°, Reception angle 60°.
20° measurement: Incident angle 20°, Reception angle 20°.

Measuring area

60° measurement 3x6mm oval
20° measurement 3x4mm oval

Light source

LED (wavelength: 890 nm)


SPD (silicone photodiode)

Measuring range


Display range

0-199 (resolution: 1)


±5% F.S. ±1 digit

Power Source

A3 dry cell battery x 4

Battery life

50 hours or more

Operating temperature

10 ~ 40°C


Main body: 140 (W) x 75 (H) x 34 (D) mm
  5.5 (W) x 3.0 (H) x 1.3 (D) in

Optical sensor: 88 (W) x 30 (H) x 45 (D) mm
  3.5 (W) x 1.2 (H) x 1.8 (D) in


Approx. 350g (with batteries)

Additional functions

Automatic calibration
Automatic power off
Display hold
Overrange display
Battery status