HORIBA's superior electrode technology has produced unparalleled tough pH glass bulbs and unique flat sensors. Electrodes have different designs to cater a wide range of applications - from pure water to complex samples. Select the suitable electrode that is specially designed for your application.

  • Needle-type pH electrode can be used to pierce and penetrate solid samples, such as meat, fruits, and food samples during measurement.
  • Flat pH electrode and ISFET electrode are ideal for surface pH measurement of moisture-containing solids such as nutrient agar, skin, cloth, leather, paper, meat, and leaves. 
  • ISFET electrode can also be used in food processing and other applications where glass is prohibited.

The Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) pH electrode has a semiconductor based sensor located less than 100 µm from the flat surface of the tip.

The liquid junction of this glass-body, refillable pH electrode is located on the flat pH sensing membrane. Perfect for measuring samples in shallow containers (e.g., petri dishes) and gelatinous samples...

The needle tip of this glass-body, refillable pH electrode with temperature sensor allows measurement of food samples and aqueous solutions.

This glass-body, refillable pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor gives stable readings even in highly viscous samples and non-aqueous solutions (e.g., solvents, cosmetics, paints).

The liquid junction is designed with...

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