HORIBA hydraulic dynamometers are equipped with one or two rotors. The sloping vanes in the stator and the rotor enable high torque to be absorbed in one direction of rotation. Their field of

application is mainly in the testing of Diesel engines.

Over the last few years, the HORIBA Dynas3 range has developed into the leading system in dynamic engine testing.

DYNAS 3 HD is a range of electrical AC machines specially designed for the field of heavy duty engine testing.

DYNAS 3 HT is a range of electrical AC machines designed to provide the higher levels of torque required for modern diesel engines.

DYNAS3 LI is a range of absorbing and motoring machines for all test applications in the field of spark ignition engines. Low moments of inertia and high overload capacity together with speed gradients above 12.000 rpm/s guarantee a highly dynamic response.

The combination of a Fuel Flow Measuring Unit and a Fuel Temperature Control Unit provide the most accurate, stable and timely data available for your unit under test.

The MCU Multiplexer is a client/server application that manages simultaneous access of several Test Automation Systems (TAS) and a MCU (MEXA Main Control Unit).

Used for the direct measurement of engine exhaust gas flow rate on engine and chassis dynamometer test systems.

The new SPARC Engine is the state-of-the-art test stand controller for automotive, marine and aerospace engine testing.

STARS was developed by the world class combination of HORIBA and Ricardo. STARS is a powerful, flexible and versatile enterprise product, integrating with your testing process, meeting all of your testing needs, and has features for all applications in the engine testing environment from test bed control through to complete data management and reporting.