High temperature mass flow controllers / meters

A best-seller mass flow controller for high temperature environments

Precision Soap Film Flow Meter

High precision flow rate measurement with one-touch operation.

SEC-E series mass flow controllers

Low cost solenoid valve mfc's are suitable for flow control from 0.2sccm to 500slm N2 equivalent.

Endpoint controller for plasma etch cluster tools: Simultaneous Real Time Multi-Chamber - Multi diagnosis monitor

Real time interferometric endpoint for depth targeting.

LA 930

The LA-930 uses Mie Scattering (laser diffraction) to measure particle size of suspensions or dry powders. The speed and ease-of-use of this technique makes it the most popular for many applications.


Low cost model of SEC-E series

IPA Concentration Monitor IR-150AS

The IR-150 is designed for real time inline concentration measurement using a Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) method