ABX Micros 60

8 or 16 fully automated parameters

CBC / 3 Part DIFF

Open or Closed Tube

ABX Micros ES 60

OT (Open Tube) & CT (Close Tube)


60 samples/hour (OT) & 50 samples/hour (CT)


CBC and 3 part differential


19 parameters




ABX Pentra 120 Retic SPS

DIFF + reticulocyte analysis

Fully-integrated slide preparation and staining system

FDA cleared liquid chemistry reagent range for your ABX Pentra 400.

ABX Pentra DF 120

32 parameters

Expert validation system

ABX Pentra DX 120

49 parameters

Comprehensive validation system

ABX Pentra DX 120 SPS

49 parameters

Integrated slidemaker-stainer

Comprehensive validation system

ABX Pentra XL 80

Large capacity auto-loader (100 tubes)

Stat sampling on open or closed tubes

20 parameters

CBC / 5 Part DIFF

Integrated Workstation with Color Touch Screen

Integrated Validation Station

Customized Dilution Ratio (CDR)


Designed to meet the demands of biologists and research scientists alike, the OpenPlex is a compact surface plasmon imaging system with an accessible platform.