PG-350E Software


The PG-350 software allows your PG to be connected on any network. The software runs in the Windows envieonment (Vista, XP, 7 and above) and provides a simple internface to acquire data and record CSV files.

Additionally you can control the NO and NOX line selction valve to switch aoutomatically during your acquisition.

All component values are shown as well as a large graphic display.

You can select your mode in the solenoid menu:

- Manual NOX
- Manual NO
- Auto NO/NOX

The graph time range can be selected from 3 to 480 min.

You  can install the software and license file on unlimited computers.
Contact your local sales office to get a license file(based on PG MAC address)
To use multiple PG-300 units, use multiple installations of the software in different folders.
Run simultaneously two or more isntances of PG software from the different folders, connect and record data from as many PG-300's as are connected on the network.

Try our demo version software → Download Center


Manufactured by HORIBA