Product Introduction: Development of Multi-Component Gas Analyzer VA-5000 series

By: Kazunori MIZUMOTO*

February 27, 2019

Figure 2 Structure of the NDIR measurement module used in the VA-5000 system

Author(*) Information: HORIBA, Ltd.

The VA-5000 series is a series of Multi-Component Gas Analyzers that can measure up to four components with one unit. Measurement principles of NDIR (non-dispersive infrared method), CLA (chemiluminescence analysis), and Oxygen analysis method (MPA (magnetopneumatic method), zirconia method, and galvanic cell method) can be utilized. This product has been developed as a successor to the Multi-Component Gas Analyzer VA-3000 series. It has been improved in such aspects as miniaturization of the device size, increasing the maximum number of components that can be measured (maximum: 4 components), high sensitivity (minimum concentration range: 50 ppm), operability. This article describes the features of the VA-5000 series and introduces examples of application to the IGCC (Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle).

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