HORIBA's AnywhereRaman™ all-in-one unit combines a spectrometer, a laser, a TouchRaman® BallProbe®, and an onboard computer to easily obtain high quality Raman measurements...with samples always in focus!

Designed for portability and ease of use. Upon delivery, AnywhereRaman™ goes from out-of-the-box to first Raman measurements in under 20 minutes! Operator can easily perform high quality Raman measurements with minimal training or experience. AnywhereRaman is both powerful and easy to use. Simply plug it in and start your analyses! Anywhere Raman includes a BallProbe® with TouchRaman® Technology to let users simply touch the sample, and acquire data. It includes multiple safety classifications, Class 3B laser safety certification, a keyed interlock switch and an electronic laser trigger. Laser excitation wavelength is 785 nm, with a spectral range of 150 – 3150 cm-1.


Versatile enough for applications as diverse as petrochemical and biopharma, AnywhereRaman™ is perfect for:

  • In-situ reaction monitoring in the lab or process line
  • End point monitoring
  • Quality control of incoming material
  • Forensic identification
  • Easy through packaging product identification
  • Sample monitoring at high temperature and/or pressure (with available probes).

HORIBA's AnywhereRaman™ all-in-one instrument includes everything needed to take high-quality Raman measurements: Spectrometer, laser, TouchRaman BallProbe, acquisition computer—all in one easy to install and use compact package. It also includes a wireless keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Simply plug it in and it's ready to use...from the lab to a process plant! Touch the sample with the ball probe and get instant, in-focus, repeatable Raman spectra.

Available in North America only

*AnywhereRaman is a trademark of HORIBA Instruments Inc.
MarqMatrix, TouchRaman and BallProbe are Registered
Trademarks of MarqMetrix, Inc.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific



Excitation Wavelength

785 nm
Lasers other than 785 nm are available upon request

Excitation Power

300 mW


0.007 nm/°C

Laser Warm-Up

<10 sec

Spectral Line Width

<0.15 nm

Spectral Range

150-3150 cm-1


5-6 cm-1 (@785 nm)

Sample Interface

MarqMetrix® Performance Fiber BallProbe®

Included with each unit

On board computer and acquisition software;
Peripherals: monitor, keyboard, mouse



3.0 in. (77 mm) H
9.8 in. (250 mm) W
9.8 in. (250 mm) D

Fiber Connections

FC/PC (both excitation and collection)


MarqMetrix® Fiber BallProbe®

Mounting Options

Stackable, DIN capable, M4 bolt pattern

Operating Temperature Range

5°C-35°C (cooled option stabilizes CCD temperature)

Operating Humidity Range


Product Safety

Safety Featured

1 Keyed Laser Interlock switch, Electronic laser trigger

Laser Certification

Class 3B laser device


Input Voltage

90-264 VAC 50-60Hz

Operating Voltage

12VDC, 2A

On Board Control System


EZ-GO Raman™ Suite


FC/PC (both excitation and collection)

On Board Storage

Integrated PC (Windows 10 OS)

On Board O/I

32 GB standard

Video Output

1 RJ-45 Ethernet Port
2 USB 3.0

Operating Humidity Range 

1 Display Port 1.1 (VGA, DVI or HDMI with Adaptor) 

Included Accessories

Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor


Available in North America only 

*AnywhereRaman is a trademark of HORIBA Instruments Inc.
MarqMatrix, TouchRaman and BallProbe are Registered
Trademarks of MarqMetrix, Inc.