´╝╗Dynamic Range´╝ŻAn opportunity to reduce the size of the gas panel

The historic flow control range of the MFC has been 2% to 100%. However, the increase diversification in the film forming processes has been accompanied by a demand for a widening of the range of gas flows feeding the chamber beyond this 50 to 1 dynamic range. To provide this wider control with older technology MFCs, it has been ecessary to install two MFCs with different full scales for the same gas, increasing the size and cost of the gas box.
CRITERIONTM's low-flow-rate accuracy, combined with its advanced control algorithms, widens is dynamic control range 333 to 1, accurately controlling flows from 0.3 to 100% full scale. In many cases this wider dynamic control range allows one Criterion to replace two conventional MFCs thus reducing the size and weight of the gas panel.

An opportunity to reduce the size of the gas panel