Cell Biology

Cell biology means study of cell, which is the basic unit of life. Characterization of cells involves the structural analysis as well as activity investigation. Study of cells may involve bacteria identifcation, cells sorting, tissue investigation, ... Dedicated techniques for surch investigation are available in the HORIBA portofolio such as Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging for detection of lymphocyte in real time and Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for single living cell analysis

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SERS Analysis of single living lymphocytes
Monitoring Cell Culture Media Variability using a Simple Optical Technique (A-TEEM Molecular Fingerprinting)
Monitoring Cell Culture Media Variability using A-TEEM Spectroscopy
With the rise of protein production using mammalian cell culture, it has become increasingly important to control the quality of the cell culture media for use in production processes. Cell culture media are usually prepared as aqueous solutions and should provide everything a cell line needs for optimal cell growth as well as product yield and quality.


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