Examples of applications using Various Techniques

The investigation and characterization of all living organisms (i.e. bacteria, viruses, prions and fungi) that are too little to be seen with the naked eye is the driving force for microbiologists. HORIBA Scientific provides analytical solutions to characterize microbe’s size, concentration, molecular fingerprint and kinetics to better understand their roles in biodegradation, contamination and diseases. These multidimensional organisms are now being used as drugs, for biofuels development and removal of toxins to name a few.

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Fluorescent Pigments in Living Coral
The brightly-colored coral reefs that make scuba-diving and snorkeling so enjoyable are essential to the survival of much underwater life. Not only do reefs offer a haven for smaller fish to hide from larger predators, but also some fish actually survive by eating the reefs themselves. Reefs offer protection to plants and animals from the ravages of waves and ocean currents. Thus, when the reefs die, so do many other living creatures.
Real time detection of lymphocytes with SPRi
Raman Investigation of Micro-organisms on a single cell level
Raman Analysis of Single Bacteria Cells
Traditionally, Raman has been a technique of the material scientist, physicist or chemist, but as instrumentation continues to evolve, the power of Raman in biological and medical applications is fast being realized, not least because of the high information content provided and an excellent tolerance for water.
Direct identification of clinically relevant microorganisms


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