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Optimize Your New Battery Test Lab

There are many variables to consider when optimizing a new battery test lab

HiMAC2 Battery Test Lab at UC Irvine

First, battery cells have multiple behavioral characteristics, each with several nonlinear condition dependencies (temperature, SoC, current).

Second, consider application development goals such as pack design, BMS architecture, and simulation modeling at the planning stage is also important. These are just a couple of the considerations.

Understanding your end goal from the start is key to designing a well-tailored battery testing environment that will be effective long-term.

Due to the complexity of the decisions required to optimize a battery test lab; our battery experts have created a series discussing battery lab design and optimization to help with the process.

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  1. Understanding Your Battery Testing Applications
  2. Four Steps to Develop Optimal Battery Test Lab
  3. How to Select Battery Test Lab Equipment
  4. Your Ideal Battery Test Lab Development Partner

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