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The Challenge

The introduction and anticipation of stringent new real driving emissions (RDE) regulations, coupled with the proliferation of increasingly complex electrified propulsion solutions, has led to a situation that is severely disrupting new product introduction processes.

Developing vehicles that meet emissions and efficiency targets for real-world conditions adds development time, cost and complexity with increasing numbers of prototypes and real-world based validation.

As the number of powertrain variants increases rapidly due to demand for new hybrid systems, the level of investment available is reducing due to the demands of electrification and connected-autonomous systems.

How can manufacturers be certain that their products will comply for a lifetime? How can these products be brought to market more quickly, with higher confidence and lower development cost? How can OEMs and Tier 1s do more for less?  This is The Challenge.

What is RDE+?

To meet the challenge, HORIBA offers you RDE+. A rapid, robust, integrated process and toolchain to deliver design, development, validation and verification with optimum efficiency.

Connecting new virtual tools that model the environment and vehicle systems to HORIBA lab equipment, real-world test conditions are replicated, emulated and brought into the lab.

Delivering faster and more efficient development and validation of powertrains for RDE compliance, RDE+ reduces the need for prototype hardware and testing in the real-world.

RDE+ will reduce development and validation time and cost by using:

  • Rapid accurate and efficient lab testing
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop with simulation
  • Scenario-based development

RDE+ can save up to USD $17M on a vehicle programme by reducing the number of vehicle prototypes required for testing*.

*Report by Frost & Sullivan: Real-World Driving Emissions – The Future of Powertrain Engineering and Development, 2020

RDE+ Downloads

RDE+ Whitepaper - RDE Certification

Download our Whitepaper

This paper summarise Frost & Sullivan’s analysis of the challenges and opportunities presented by new vehicle RDE certification or type-approval processes included in the latest regulations.

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RDE+ Brochure

Download our RDE+ Brochure

RDE+ is a rapid, robust, integrated process and toolchain to deliver design, development, validation and verification with optimum efficiency.

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RDE+ VIRTUAL - Automation Software

RDE+ VIRTUAL is a model-based approach that allows ‘front-loading’ and more accurate and robust target setting within the early phases of a product development program resulting in significant time and cost savings.


RDE+ POWER - Powertrain Testing

RDE+ POWER links road-based RDE tests to the propulsion laboratory. Vehicle tests can be replicated accurately and repeatably, while environmental emulation delivers a faithful reproduction of an entire RDE test or partial scenario.


RDE+ CHASSIS - Vehicle Emissions Development

RDE+ CHASSIS links road-based tests to the chassis lab. Whole-vehicle tests can be replicated accurately and repeatably, enabling rapid development and validation of whole-vehicle systems and calibrations.


RDE+ ROAD - Road-to-Rig

RDE+ ROAD generates data from real-world testing for use throughout the development cycle from concept to certification, which reduces program time and cost and the number of vehicle prototypes needed.

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