OEM gas (NO) analyzer

The BE-220FDS is an OEM NDIR detector for measuring NO in automotive emission gases. The BE-220FSD can output NO concentration by digital data and analog voltage. In addition, it can be connected with the HORIBA BE-150 bench by serial line and relay the commands for BE-150. The BE-220FSD meets OIML Class 0 and complies BAR-97 & GB18285-2018 specifications.

Segment: Automotive
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA, Ltd.
  • Highly reliable and accurate flow sensor NDIR technology
  • Quick response time
  • Digital and Analog signal outputs


  • Automotive inspection and maintenance testing

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PrincipleNDIR´╝ÜNon-Dispersive Infrared Spectrometry
Measuring componentRangeStandard resolution (RS232C)
NO0 - 5000ppm vol1ppm vol
Response timeT90 < 4.5 seconds
Sample flow2~3L/min
Warm up time15mins
Signal interfaceRS-232C, Analog output 0-5 V or -1.8~+2.2 V
Dimensions & Mass261(W) x 73(D) x 102(H)mm, Approx. 850g
Power requirements+12 V,-12 V,+5 V DC


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