A-TEEM™, a New Molecular Fingerprinting Technique based on Fluorescence and Absorption measurements: Some Successful Applications

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by Dr. Alessia Quatela, HORIBA France


Beginning: 06/29/20

Location: Online

Presented by Dr. Alessia Quatela, HORIBA France

This webinar focuses on 3D fluorescence combined with simultaneous absorbance-transmittance spectroscopy. It is generally acknowledged that 3D fluorescence fingerprinting is suitable for recognition, classification or detection processes.
We show that the A-TEEM’s ability to acquire absorbance, transmittance and excitation-emission matrices simultaneously along with the ability to correct for inner filter effects provides a more quantitative method.
This webinar presents practical application examples (i.e. surface water treatment, quantitative analysis of wine phenolics, cell culture media storage effects, insulin solubility, etc.) of a new rapid method for discriminatory compound analysis.