Optical Fiber Type Hot Phosphoric Acid Concentration Monitor

A phosphoric acid concentration monitor that can perform real-time measurements of high-temperature phosphoric acid without the need for cooling.

Ideal for managing the concentration of phosphoric acid, used primarily in the etching process of the 3D NAND flash memory SiN layer*1, part of the manufacturing process for semiconductors.
*1 SiN layer: A thin film composed of silicon and nitrogen compounds formed on silicon wafers and similar substrates.

Chemical Concentration

AC(100-240V)Transmission OutputContact OutputRS-485High TemperatureNon-contact

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

High concentration and high-temperature compatibility

Capable of directly measuring high-concentration (up to 92%) and high-temperature phosphoric acid (140-170°C) in a circulation line without the need for cooling mechanisms or cooling time.

Low contamination risk

Using PFA at the sample connection point, contamination risk is reduced.

Acceleration of feedback control

Real-time measurements with data updates every 3 seconds have been implemented, achieving faster concentration feedback control.

Reduction in equipment downtime

The adoption of a semi-annual background adjustment cycle has contributed to the reduction of equipment downtime.

Measurement principleAbsorption spectroscopic method
Calculation principleTemperature compensation type multivariate analysis

Measurable range

 ComponentMeasurable range
Analog output
1st solutionH3PO485.00-92.00+/-0.1085.00-100.00
・ Repeatability is defined by maximum error from average (1 hour).
・ In the case of low temperature measurement (140°C) and high temperature measurement (170°C) with the same chemical,
there is possibility of discrepancy (Maximum +/- 0.30%).
of Measurement
1) Measurement interval: Approx. 3 sec. (minimum)
2) Moving average: 16 times
Connection fitting size1 inch or 3/4 inch
Sample conditionSample temperature: 140 to 170°C
Atmospheric temperature, Chemical temperature fluctuation: within +/- 1°C (period of time : 1 hour)
Input pressure: 0.2 MPa or less
Pressure fluctuation: 0.02 MPa or less
Flow rate: 1 to 30 L/min
Air(for operation and purge)Connection port: 4 mm O.D. quick joint
Pressure: 0.2 MPa ± 0.02 MPa
Power source100 to 230 V AC (Single-Phase), 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionApprox.85 VA (Transient electric current at the time of the start is excluded)
CommunicationParallel I/O, RS-232C, Analog output
Dimension(Monitor) 200 (W) × 308 (D) × 78 (H) mm
(Lamp unit) 200 (W) × 262 (D) × 100 (H) mm
(Sample cell) 240 (W) × 209 (D) × 205 (H) mm
Weight(Monitor) Approx.3.6 kg
(Lamp unit) Approx.2.8 kg
(Sample cell) Approx.3.0 kg
Ambient temperature(Monitor, Lamp unit) 20 to 30°C
(Optical fiber, Sample cell) 20 to 100°C
* Sudden temperature change should be avoided, within +/- 1°C/1hour
Ambient humidity(Monitor, Lamp unit) 40 to 70% (Should be no dew condensation)
Slanting angle of installation(Monitor, Lamp unit) Within +/-1 degree
(Sample cell) Please install so that air bubbles do not stay up.
Optical fiberLength: 5 m, Bend radius: R150 mm


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