Non-Contact Chemical Concentration Monitor

A chemical concentration monitor designed to measure chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing processes such as cleaning and etching in a non-contact manner.

Enabling safe and stable concentration monitoring without the risk of chemical leaks or contamination by measuring flowing chemicals inside the pipes without direct contact.

Chemical Concentration

DC24VTransmission OutputContact OutputRS-485High TemperatureNon-contact Multi Component

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Non-contact measurement structure

By preventing chemical leaks and contamination, safe and stable measurements become possible.  Furthermore, installation can be performed without cutting the piping, reducing installation time and minimizing the workload during implementation.

Stable measurement of high-temperature chemicals

With a revamped optical system and improved computational processing, high-temperature chemicals (20 to 80°C) essential for cutting-edge chemical processing can be reliably measured with stability.

Prolonged lifespan of light sources

Prolonged lifespan through the adoption of LED lamps (with a 5-year warranty) has been achieved.


Light sources and spectrometers are integrated into the cell unit, contributing to a space-saving design. The display unit is a panel-mount type.

Model nameNon-contact type chemical concentration monitor
Measurement methodAbsorption spectroscopy
Concentration calculationTemperature compensated multivariate analysis
Measurement range/
Repeatability (mass%)

Model name

ComponentMeasurable rangeRepeatabilityAnalog output range





Conditions of measurement

1) Measurement Frequency: every 3 seconds
2) Moving average : 16 times


PFA tube 1inch or 3/4inch (Do NOT use anti-static type PFA tube)

Sample condition*1

Sample temperture : 20 to 80°C
Sample temperture, Atmospheric temperture fluctuation :
±1 degree C (period of time: 1 hour)
Sample pressure : Less than 0.2 MPa (G)
Sample pressure fluctuation : Within 0.02 MPa

Power source

DC 24V

Power consumption

Apporox. 30W (Transient electric current at the time of start is excluded)
WeightDisplay unit : Apporox. 0.9kg
Sensor unit: Apporox. 2.9kg
Dimension (WxDxH)Display unit : 96x135x96mm
Sensor unit: 238x135x190mm
Slanting angleSensor unit:
Vertical direction within ±3 degree
Lateral direction 0 to 90 degree
Light source5years
communicationParallel I/O, RS-232C, Analog output


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