Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Monitor Series for Semiconductor Manufacturing

A dissolved oxygen monitor designed for high-flow applications, ideal for monitoring the concentration of dissolved oxygen in HF solutions during wet processes.

By incorporating a new mechanism inside the sensor, electrolyte degradation can be suppressed while having the capability of measuring dissolved oxygen even in ammonia water and specific organic solvents.  A wide range of support can be provided, from facility to process.


DC24VTransmission OutputContact OutputRS-485Single Component

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Reduction of Sensor Replacement Frequency

Lifespan has been extended by approximately 1.3 times for ultrapure water and approximately 70 times for ammonia water compared to our previous products. This reduction in sensor replacement frequency contributes to operational efficiency.

Also Compatible with Specific Samples

Capable of measuring dissolved oxygen concentrations in pure water, low-concentration ammonia water (ammonia concentration below 1%, sample temperature 25°C±2°C), and specific organic solvents (with boiling points higher than water).

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