HORIBA Contract Testing Services--Structural Testing Options

HORIBA Contract Test Services


HORIBA 's Contract Test Services excels in areas of structural testing applications, and is a recognized leader in the testing of future technologies. Customers who choose to conduct their test requirements at the HORIBA Contract Test Services laboratory benefit from HORIBA 's vast knowledge, experience and capabilities in the following areas:

* Providing 24/7 test services

to a diverse customer base -


Passenger car

Light & Heavy truck


Off road

* Broad range of Servo controlled

actuator environments -

Over 100 servo-controlled loops

Single-axis component testing

3 axis vibration testing

6 degrees of freedom vibration tables

4-post simulators

Servo hydraulic Load frames

Temperature controlled hot

gas simulation

Test at temperature capabilities

* Capable of a broad range

of test applications -

Steering components / systems

Chassis components / systems

Exhaust components / systems

Radiator & cooler

components / systems

Vehicle Interior components

Driveline components

Engine components

Full & half car simulation

Vehicle Frames

* Computer based controls

and programs featuring -

Real time simulation

Block cycle

nCode editing software

Time history statistical editing

Damage analysis

Iteration expertise


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