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Today‘s laboratory managers are responsible for increasing efficiency and productivity, as well as maintaining the integrity of the test data at the highest level.

In order to achieve these goals, they need solutions which address the following day-to-day challenges:

  • Simple control and supervision of different automation systems from multiple vendors.
  • Easy access to test reports from a central location.
  • Offline test planning and scheduling that is not integrated within the test systems.
  • Efficient handling of last-minute schedule changes caused by unavailability of equipment.


We are closing the gap between road and laboratory with our STARS Laboratory Management software.

The sole purpose of STARS Enterprise and Intelligent Lab is to make the lab manager’s daily tasks less challenging.

Segment: Automotive
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Test Automation Ltd.
Base product: STARS

STARS Enterprise

STARS Automation Software Multiple Applications for Laboratory ManagementThe Revolution in Laboratory Management

STARS Enterprise – incorporates web and mobile apps on a cloud-based platform. Each app addresses a specific need in the testing environment and can work completely autonomous or can be part of a fully integrated system. Solutions can be implemented on a smaller scale and can grow with increasing and changing requirements.

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Intelligent Lab

STARS Automation Software for Laboratory ManagementSolutions to Reduce Vehicle Development Complexity

The tools within Intelligent Lab refine the high-quality data produced from our measurement devices and dynamometers. Efficient simulation is made possible through the creation of Empirical Digital Twins. Accurate real-world testing can then be performed in the lab using our patented Road-to-Rig and Torque Matching solutions.

Intelligent Lab helps customers maximize their laboratory-based development capabilities. Users can then prioritize high-value development work, and push lower-value test work to be digitalized or automated. 

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Intelligent Lab
Intelligent Lab

Reduce Vehicle Development Complexity

STARS Enterprise
STARS Enterprise

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Empirical Digital Twin
Empirical Digital Twin

Create Simulation Models from Real Hardware

Torque Matching
Torque Matching

Road-to-Rig Chassis Dyno Replication