HORIBA has many years of experience of supplying emision-standard Chassis Dynamometers to the automotive industry and legislative bodies around the world. Over time our designs have been continously optimised and improved. The latest generation of Chassis Dynamometers is the outcome of this progress. They represent the highest level of performance to date built on a robust and modular design.

While creating their new range of Chassis Dynamometers, the HORIBA team re-examined fundamental design elements crucial for the delivery of the performance and availability demanded by users. The digital  force and speed measurement chains are highly accurate and reapeatable. Automated quality checks and product diagnositics additionally contribute to a high equipment up-time.



  • The newly designed force measurement system of the VULCAN fulfils the highest demands of worldwide emission legislation such as EPA, ECE and TRIAS.
  • Optimal modular mechanical design for robust 2WD and 4WD applications with a movable axle.
  • The new VULCAN system is built with years of experience together with leading built-in diagnostics functions


  • Force and Speed Measurement
    • High accuracy
    • Force repeatability typ.±0.005 % f.s.
    • Extended speed range up to 270 km/h available as an option
  • Zero warm-up time
  • Remote maintenance for system diagnostics
    • Auto-scheduled out of operational hours as defined by the operator for specific dates
    • Delivers real time saving
    • Integrated diagnostics
  • Convenient Packaging
    • Designed for simple future upgrades
    • Easy to retrofit into exisiting sites
  • Total Care Package
    • Routine and preventative maintenance programs
    • Built-in quality checks
    • Optional fast response service
  • Innovative Calibration
    • Unique two-arm design allows one time fit for full force calibration through the zero point
    • Simple process guided by system user interface
    • Measurement of force system hysteresis


The VULCAN system has a number of optional packages including extended temperature range packages, vehicle centering devices, driver's aid s and auopilot systems. The advanced SPARC VEHICLE controller includes standard interfaces fir emission host systems, such as HORIBA's VETS system.

Option Packages include:

  • Extended temperature range (-20°C .. +45°C / -40°C .. +45°C)
  • Centering device including lifting function
  • Extended wheelbase range up to 4400mm
  • Driver's aid system including test cycle defintion
  • Autopilot system

Manufactured by HORIBA


Roller diameter

1219.2 mm

48 inch


1800 .. 3400 mm

71 .. 134 inch

Maximum speed

200 km/h

125 mph

Generating power, rated

155 kW

210 bhp

Generating power, overload

260 kW

350 bhp

Generating force @ rated power

5400 N

1214 lbf

Generating force @ overload power

9500 N

2136 lbf

Base inertia

1100 kg

2500 lbs

Simulated vehicle weight, minimum

450 kg

1000 lbs

Simulated vehicle weight, maximum

3200 kg

7000 lbs

Axle load, maximum

2500 kg

5500 lbs

Parasitic loss stability (typ.)

±1 N

±0.23 lbf

Drift check stability (typ.)

±0.04 N

± 0.05 lbf

Tractive force accuracy (typ.)

±0.02 f.s.

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