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Please click to enlarge the purification process chart

Water Quality Meter with HART communication

Water Quality Transmitter with HART communication HQ-300

The HQ-300 is multiparameter transmitter(1 component can be selected from pH,ORP,dissolved oxygen(DO),fluoride ion*,electrical conductivity and electrical resistivity) with the latest HART communication(protocol revision7).

*Fluoride ion is optional.

pH meter

HP-480 the industrial ph meter

The HP-480 industrial pH meter is a standard type pH meter that mainly includes frequently used functions.

Resistivity meter

Industrial resistivity meter HE-480R


The HE-480R industrial resistivity meter features the high-precision temperature compensation function.

Its high-performance temperature compensation makes it ideal for sequential monitoring of ultra-pure water used in manufacturing processes in the semiconductor field, and many other fields, including the areas of electrical goods, foods and medicines.

industrial resistivity meter HE-960RW

This resistivity meter is ideal for such applications as the high-precision water monitoring employed at ultra-pure water plants used in semiconductor manufacturing.

They utilize newly designed, high-precision, high-stability temperature measurement circuitry and a vastly improved temperature compensation function, an important element for measuring the resistivity of ultra-pure water.

Conductivity meter (low concentration type)

Industrial conductivity meter HE-480C


The HE-480C industrial conductivity meter is a low-concentration conductivity meter using a two-electrode method.

This is a highly functional model, with high-performance temperature compensation, and is applicable to a wide range of tasks, from managing pure water for use with semiconductors, to managing the quality of boiler water.

2 channel Sanitary conductivity meter HE-960CW product photo

Measures the conductivity ranging from purified water up to 2000 ┬ÁS/cm for pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics applications

Conductivity meter (high concentration type)



The HE-480H industrial conductivity meter is a high-concentration conductivity meter using a four-electrode method, with a wide measurement range of 0 - 50 S/m. It is suitable for a wide range of tasks, from managing the concentration of all types of medicinal solutions, to managing the concentration of liquid fertilizers used in hydroponic farming.