LabSpec software has been designed by HORIBA engineers specifically for Raman, photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence spectroscopy. The performance, versatility, and flexibility of our hardware are matched by LabSpec’s ease of use and high level of functionality. LabSpec offers comprehensive system control, and advanced data-acquisition routines.

Peak-fitting analysis and direct classical least-squares (DCLS) modeling allow fast image-generation from hyperspectral datasets based on peak parameters (e.g., position, FWHM, and area) and overall spectral profile. The automated clustering routine allows individual spectral components within the dataset to be identified without user intervention.

Advanced imaging functions

  • Contrast, brightness
  • Smoothing
  • Palette, histogram
  • Line scan, area
  • Video-image capture
  • Digital storage
  • Image overlay

Spectral and Hyperspectral analysis

  • Full spectrometer control
  • Electron-beam control
  • External triggering
  • Additional detection
  • Real-time display
  • Spectral-range scanning
  • Data treatment