Energy and Environment

Toward the achievement of a carbon neutral society, the adoption of new energy sources such as hydrogen is progressing worldwide, in addition to further improvement in the efficiency of energy use. However, the industry faces many challenges in its practical application, such as reducing production costs. Moreover, technological development for CO2 capture and reuse is also advancing, yet there remain many hurdles that must be overcome. 

We believe that it is important to operate each energy source in an optimal manner with high efficiency, low emissions, and minimal energy loss, and we are committed to working together with key players in the industry to realize a new era of "generating," "storing," and "using" energy in a smart way, from the aspects of analysis and measurement. We will continue to make concerted efforts to realize a new era of "generate," "store," and "use" energy wisely. 

Measurement and Analysis Solutions by Field

The achievement of a sustainable society requires the construction of an advanced energy network in which energy production, storage, and consumption are optimally circulated as a series of processes. In particular, efficient energy storage and the conversion of electricity into hydrogen for storage are required to maximize the use of renewable and other energy sources. At the same time, as the use of fossil fuels such as thermal power generation continues, highly efficient combustion processes are also becoming more important.

Hydrogen Energy

Our wide range of proprietary measurement and analysis technologies can bring better energy usage for production by implementing hydrogen, ammonia and other forms of energy. Saving cost and energy wastes.

Carbon Capture and Utilization

While contributing to reducing carbon, we propose a more efficient way of energy usage in various processes. Our technology in CCUS can effectively manage energy; as we provide recycled energy in processes high in demand; while saving energy from wastes and excess demand.

Battery Manufacturing/Recycling

HORIBA’s measurement and analysis technologies and engineering supports all the manufacturing and recycle phases of battery, from material processing, performance evaluation, production management, assembly onto EV down to refurbish, reuse or recycling back to particles after harmless treatment

Energy Usage Optimization

Visualization of energy consumption at R&D sites and construction of an energy management system for optimal utilization

High efficiency of conventional energy sources and reduction of GHG emissions

Thermal Power Generation

Ammonia Co-Firing / 100% Firing

Waste to Energy Power Generation

Biomass/Biogas Power Generation

Oil Refinery



With our corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of science and technology and the preservation of the global environment, we are constantly in pursuit of "HONMAMON" technology.

Global Initiatives

HORIBA participates in the optimization of overall energy management and the realization of a safe and secure mobility society through bold global investments and extensive connections with academia and industry

Global Trends and Strageties toward Carbon Neutrality

Introduction of the latest trends through HORIBA's unique activities and perspectives

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