Fluorescence Spectroscopy


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Fluorolog Extreme


The first fully integrated supercontinuum white light laser-powered lifetime steady-state fluorometers.

The Fluorolog Extreme seamlessly combines our fluorometers with the high intensity and broad wavelength range of the supercontinuum lasers made by NKT Photonics.

What is a supercontinuum laser, also known as a white light laser? It is a very bright source that, unlike other lasers, simultaneously puts out light at a very wide spectral range from just above 400 nm to over 2 µm. Because of their brightness and broad spectral range, they make excellent sources for steady-state measurements. Furthermore, since the duration of the laser pulses is in the 10s of picoseconds range, these lasers can also be used as lifetime sources.


  • Steady-State:  More excitation power for weak fluorescence signals, especially in the NIR.
  • It’s LIKE having A 1000W Xenon Lamp!


  • Select any excitation wavelength from the visible to over 2 microns

  •   Complete optical, mechanical and software integration:

    • Kinematic adapter to mount excitation monochromator instead of xenon lamp
    • Control of laser power and wavelength directly from FluorEssence Software. Also, all laser parameters are storable in and recallable from XML method files, reports.

 Click here to find more about Superk Extreme High Power Supercontinuum Lasers made by NKT Photonics.


Manufactured by HORIBA & NKT Photonics


The world’s most sensitive fluorometer is made even more sensitive!

  • More excitation power, especially in the NIR, means more signal:

  • More excitation power, especially in the NIR

A Fluorolog/FluoroCube Extreme is comprised

  • Choice of any NKT SuperK Extreme model:


  • Any Fluorolog 3 (including existing units). Includes kinematic adapter to replace xenon lamp on entrance of excitation monochromator.



Fluorolog/Cube Extreme FAQs

Can I upgrade my existing Fluorolog / FluoroCube to an Extreme?

Yes. Any Fluorolog 3 or FluoroCube can be upgraded to include the supercontinuum laser. We can supply you the laser, adapters, and a software upgrade to any existing unit.

Who provides installation, support, and service for these lasers?

We deliver the complete, fully tested, integrated system. We install the system and provide support for the integrated system.  All service for the laser itself is provided by NKT and their local agents. Any laser sold by HORIBA is treated locally the same as an NKT sale.

If they buy the laser with one of our instruments, can the customer use it stand-alone in the lab also?

Yes. We do not alter the laser’s operation in any way. Also, since the laser is fiber-coupled and both our FluoroCube and Fluorolog adapters are kinematic, connecting and disconnecting the laser is simply a matter of taking the fiber out of our holder and putting it back in.