A-TEEM Molecular Fingerprinting

The Aqualog

The HORIBA Aqualog® is a unique optical spectrometer that was initially invented to meet the needs of environmental water researchers around the world studying color dissolved organic matter (CDOM) using fluorescence spectroscopy. Today the Aqualog is the gold standard in CDOM water research, but it is also increasingly being applied with precision as a faster, less expensive and much easier analytical tool in industrial applications.

A-TEEM™ Technology offers simultaneous Absorbance-Transmission fluorescence Excitation and Emission Matrix acquisition. This novel approach is a fast and inexpensive optical technique for quantitative molecular fingerprinting with high specificity and ultrahigh-sensitivity.


ASTM D8431 Standard Test Method for Detection of Water-soluble Petroleum Oils (BTEX) by A-TEEM Optical Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis.

Aqualog - Environmental Water Research

Aqualog-Environmental Water Research Analyzer

The Gold Standard for Environmental Water Research

Aqualog - Water Treatment Plant Analyzer

Aqualog Water Treatment Plant Analyzer

Early Warning Sentinel, DOC, THM formation potential

Aqualog - A-TEEM Industrial QC/QA

Aqualog A-TEEM, Industrial QC/QA Analyzer

Disruptive, Easier, Faster Analytical Technology

“Our lab has used the Aqualog instrument for various research projects to characterize dissolved organic matter in water treatment processes, including biological filtration and pilot-scale treatment trains, and to identify polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in oil samples. The Aqualog is user-friendly and effective in measuring a variety of sample matrixes.”

Melanie Vine, Ph.D. Student,
Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering,
University of Alabama

"In my research, I use EEM/PARAFAC data generated by the Horiba Aqualog® instrumentation/software to understand better water quality and organic carbon distribution throughout the drinking water and wastewater treatment industries. My background is in government, academia, and industrial labs. I encourage academic environmental science and engineering programs to obtain this instrumentation to prepare students for jobs in the water industry. In addition, the Aqualog instrument (dual UV-Vis and fluorescence) obtains data much more rapidly using a single instrument than traditional spectrofluorometric instrumentation, such that experiments are achieved within limited academic student-lab timeframes.”

Martha J.M. Wells, Ph.D.
Owner/Consulting Chemist, EnviroChem Services, & Emeritus Professor of Chemistry,
Tennessee Technological University

"We have been using the Aqualog instrument on a daily basis to monitor our treatment process performance, disinfection by-product formation potential and chlorophyll and phycocyanin signature intensities. The ability to obtain multiple measures from a single instrument is convenient and effective."

Lori Silburt, Plant Manager
Wheeling Water Treatment

"Our HORIBA Aqualog has provided Hazen and Sawyer and our clients with a state-of-the-art tool for managing multiple challenges in the production of drinking water. We have used the instrument for rapid response to the spill events and environmental events that may negatively impact community water supplies, providing a way to monitor for contamination in a timely fashion"

Ben Stanford, Ph.D.
Senior Director/Water R&D
American Water
(Formerly with Hazen and Sawyer)

"We have been using the Aqualog instrument to monitor organic matters in seawater to better evaluate the membrane fouling of a reverse osmosis membrane at seawater desalination plants. Compared to TOC measurements, it provides a sensitive quantification, as well as properties of organic matters, to membrane fouling."

Kwanghee Shin, Ph.D.
Senior Research Engineer
Corporate R&D Institute
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

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