Low Concentration HF Monitor in Diluted Sulfuric Acid/Hydrogen Peroxide HF-700


The HF-700 stabilizes hydrofluoric concentrations on the order of ppm in diluted sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide to enable continuous measurement and allow effective process management of the removal of the polymer residue following the etching process.


  • Stable and continuous measurement
  • Multiple measurement modes to fit the application
    The standard mode / A reagent-saving mode / A continuous measurement mode / An intermittent measurement mode
  • Easy-to-do calibration (by sending signal)
  • Easy electrode replacement

Manufactured by HORIBA Advanced Techno


Model name


Measurement method

Fluoride ion electrode method

Measurement range

0 - 1000mg/L (0 - 100/200/500/1000mg/L)


Within +/- 2% of the full scale


Within +/- 2% of the full scale/10 min.


Dimensions of HF-700

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