We take pride in pursuing corporate initiatives to contribute to the goal of “a life of content for all” with our commitment to energy, human health, the environment, and safety.
Staying true to our corporate motto, “Joy and Fun,” we will develop our business based on close partnerships with our stakeholders in order to grow as a company valuable to all people.

To help readers better understand the true value of HORIBA by introducing our unique corporate culture, which cannot be found in business reports or financial statements, in May 2014 we published “HORIBA Report 2013”, which is the integrated report of financial information and CSR report.
This website provides the detailed information including the HORIBA Report web data collection, IR information, technical information, and unique messages from HORIBA.

Message from the CEO / We are committed to raising corporate value  over a long-term / Chairman, President & CEO Atsushi Horiba


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What is essential for the growth of delicious lettuce is nutrient solution management! / Growing safe lettuce in a plant factory /Mr. Yoshio Miyashita CEO of Oizumi Yasaikobo Co., Ltd.

We present unique messages as an analysis and measurement equipment manufacturer with a corporate culture of “Joy and Fun.”

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