How do I choose a Fluorescence Filter Sets for my Fluorophore ?

HORIBA Scientific UK has produced this guide to Fluorescence Filters to make your filter selection easier and quicker.

If you are using a common Fluorophore like

This guide will select the best Fluorescence filter set for your fluorophore and application.

Search by Fluorophore

You can search for the fluorophore you wish to use and we will match the fluorescence filter set for you.

Search by Filter Sets

Alternatively, you can look at our filter sets and their spectra and decide which one would be most suitable for you.

Search by Emission Colour

We have also grouped Fluorophore by their Emission Colour.

Search by Filter Components

If you don't require a full filter set, why not look at our range of separate filter components: exciters, dichroics and emitters. You can then mix and match to your requirement.

Contact us

Finally if you wish, just E-Mail us or send a Request Information and we will contact you to discuss your needs further.

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