Highly Sensitive Silica Monitor SLIA-300

Highly sensitive silica monitor for ultra-pure water management in semiconductor/FPD processes

A proven track record in silica analysis of ultra-pure water!
Compact/highly sensitive new performance.

Concentration of silica in ultra-pure water has a significant impact on product precision and yield in semiconductor/FPD processes. Reliably meeting measurement requirements of 1μg/L (1ppb). High-sensitivity measurements across the entire measurement range in a compact desktop body design have been achieved. With excellent basic performance and high sensitivity, including high-speed responsiveness and self-diagnostic capabilities, it strongly supports the ultra-pure water processes in semiconductor/FPD manufacturing.


Segment: Semiconductor
Výrobní společnost: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

High sensitivity with excellent repeatability

A unique newly developed cell realizes high sensitivity corresponding to low concentrations. Quick 5-minute measurements guarantee repeatability of ±2% of full scale in the 0 to 2 μg/L range.

Compact desktop design

A newly developed cell realizes a revolutionary compact design. This desktop design can be used in a variety of installation conditions, including small spaces. It is also possible to be used as a portable device.

Reagent consumption is reduced to 1/5

Adopting an improved reaction cell, the consumption of reagents has been reduced to 1/5 of conventional reagents. Running costs for reagents can be significantly reduced.

Capable of measuring up to 6 points (optional)

1 to 6 points of measurement can be freely set. A single unit can be used to support multipoint measurements.

Self-diagnostic function to monitor operational abnormalities

Self-diagnostic function detects abnormalities in operations such as sample and reagent injection, calibration errors, cell temperature monitoring, and abnormality in light source. In case of errors, a message is sent using an alarm indication lamp as well as text display to notify the user.

A maintenance-free, long-lasting light source that does not require replacement has been adopted

A monochromatic semiconductor light source with stable light intensity and long life is in use. It can be used as a semi-permanent light source.

Measurement methodMolybdic blue absorptiometry
Measurement range0 to 2 / 0 to 20 µg/L, or 0 to 5 / 0 to 50 µg/L (please specify when placing an order)
Measurement time5 minutes
Measurement points1 to 6 points (please specify when placing an order)
Reproducibility±2% of full scale
Calibration functionStandard fluid calibration
Compensation functionBlank compensation
Metage line compensation (Specific to each line)
Reagent used· Reagent A: sulfuric acid + ammonium molybdate
· Reagent B: oxalic acid
· Reagent C: L (+) - ascorbic acid
Reagent replacement intervalOne week (according to the recommended period of our company)
Power100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Max. power consumptionApprox. 600 VA
Installation conditionIndoor, Ambient temperature 10 to 35°C, Humidity 85% or lower
Sample water condition· Water temperature: 15 to 35°C
· Supplied flow rate: 250 to 300 mL/min (must be adjustable)
· Pressure: 0.1 to 0.5 MPa
Outside dimensions580 (W) x 375 (H) x 500 (D) mm
WeightOne-point measurement: approx. 41 kg (plus 1 kg for an additional measurement point)
External I/ODensity output4 to 20 mA DC / 0 to 16 mA DC / 0 to 1 V DC (to be specified at order)
Contact output· Common to all lines:
During measurement, synchronous signals, alarms (batch), heaters, power off, calibration signals 1 and 2, density upper limit warning, or sample water off.
· Specific to each line:
Measurement range, density upper limit warning, or sample water off (the density limit warning or the sample water off batch or respective line alarm should be specified when placing an order. The alarm contents should be also selected when placing the order.)
Contact input· Common to all lines:Calibration start, measurement start, cost-efficient operation, line selection, measurement low range, measurement high range
Serial I/ORS-232C
OptionSample water heating unit, standard fluid supply unit, reagent blending tools

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