HE-300R (Two-Wire Transmitter)


  • Accurate measurement of UPW resistivity
  • Well-examined temperature compensation function for UPW
  • Arbitrary setting of the compensation target temperature

Hergestellt von HORIBA Advanced Techno


Measuring method

Two electrode method

Measuring range

Cell constant





0.000 to 2.000

0.00 to 20.00*


0.00 to 20.00

0.0 to 200.0*

* With conditions under which temperature compensation is not performed, it is possible to display 0.0 to 100.0 MΩ·cm (0 to 1,000 kΩ·m).



0 to 100   Resolution: 0.01˚C


Electrical resistivity: ±0.1% full-scale or less, Temperature: ±0.1˚C (for equivalent input)


Electrical resistivity: ±0.5% full-scale or less, Temperature: ±0.5˚C (for equivalent input)

Transmission output

4 to 20 mA DC   Input/output insulated type
Maximum load resistance 600 Ω

Contact input

One point   Contact format: Non-voltage a contact
 Contact function: Transmission output is held for closed contact input.

Temperature compensation range

0 to 100˚C

Ambient temperature

-20 to 60˚C

Temperature compensation element

Pt 1000 (0˚C)

Calibration function

Electrical conductivity: Based on input of cell constant correction coefficient (parameter input)
 Temperature: One point calibration compared with reference temperature gauge

Additional function

Ultra-pure water resistivity selection function, clip function

Self-diagnosis function

Sensor diagnosis error, Transmitter malfunction

Power supply

24 V DC (operational voltage range: 21 V to 32 V DC)
Power consumption 0.6 W or less


Outdoor installation type: IP65 protection level (rain-proof type)
Mounting method: 50A pole or wall mounted
Case: Aluminum alloy
Mount fitting/hood: SUS304

Compatible sensor

ERF series electrical resistivity sensor (cell constant 0.01/cm)

Pair calibration accuracy*

Electrical resistivity: ±0.01 MΩ·cm or less
Temperature: ±0.02˚C or less (for standard unit / same temperature)


Approx. 4 kg

Equipment protected

CE marking, FCC rules

* The sensor and transmitter are assembled in advance and pair calibration is performed before shipping.

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