Spare parts - warehouse


Automotive Spare Parts

High demands for the availability of test facilities also means high demands for timely allocation of replacement parts. Depending on the product segment,our service technicians and engineers take along replacement and wear and tear parts with them in their service vehicles, so that repairs that require replacement parts can be rapidly carried out. In addition we keep 10,000 different replacement parts for you in every service location and naturally we have a wide assortment at our regional headquarters.


  • We supply you with original parts
  • You have a contact person for all parts of the test stand
  • We keep important replacement parts in stock
  • You run test operations without any great restrictions
  • Breakdowns are reduced to a minimum
  • You save avoidable costs due to downtime



  • Preparing drawings andprice lists for identification of replacement parts
  • Identification by our experienced employees of replacement parts in particular for special facilities and older machines and components
  • Assembly of replacement part packages according to A B C analysis
  • 24 hour delivery service for warehoused parts
  • We guarantee the replacement in the agreed upon reaction time