High Precision TMAH Concentration Monitor

A high-precision TMAH concentration monitor ideal for developer solution TMAH concentration management.

Featuring a highly chemical-resistant carbon sensor, allowing the high-precision measurement of TMAH concentration, the main component of photoresist developer solutions.

CONDChemical Concentration

AC(100-240V)Transmission OutputContact OutputSingle Component

Segment: Semiconductor
Produktionsfirma: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

High precision

Concentration: 0–3%, Conductivity: 0–1000 mS/cm, Repeatability: Capable of TMAH concentration measurements within ±0.003wt%

Automatic switching for display range

Automatic switching of display range from high concentration to low concentration.  Additionally, it is possible to monitor changes while maintaining effective conductivity resolutions.

3 measurements

Capable of three measurements, TMAH concentration, conductivity, and temperature.

Concentration conversion function

Concentration conversion is possible by inputting the relationship between the chemical concentration and conductivity along with temperature characteristics.  It is particularly suited for the dilution management of low-concentration chemicals.

Model nameHE-960H-TM-S
Target of measurementTMAH
Measurement rangeConcentration: 0 - 3%, Conductivity: 0 - 1000mS/cm
RepeatabilityWithin +/- 0.003wt% (Temperature variation less than +/- 0.5℃, using equivalent input for conductivity)
LinearityWithin +/- 0.003wt% (Using equivalent input for conductivity)
Transmission outputNumber of output: 4
Contact outputOutputs: 5 points
Communication outputRS-485
Power supply24V DC +/- 10% 10W
Compatible sensorFES-510 Series
Wetted material of sensorGC, PFA, Karletz®



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