Multi-parameter water quality checker

The ability to simultaneously measure and display up to 11 parameters using a single device.

The Multi Checker U-50 series is a field-capable water quality checker that consolidates various sensors into a single probe, allowing for simultaneous measurement of up to 11 parameters in a single test. The design of the instrument takes into consideration ease of use in field measurements, and it is equipped with diverse functions and capabilities. It can be easily utilized by anyone for various applications, including river water, groundwater, and wastewater, where water quality measurement and testing are required.

pHORPCONDDOSALTTURBGPSSeawater Specific GravityTDSWater DepthWater Temperature


*Optional features

Abteilung: Water Pollution
Produktionsfirma: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Various sensors have been consolidated into a single probe

Simultaneous measurement and display of up to 11 parameters are possible. The sensors can be individually replaced.
However, only one type of standard solution is required.

Can be easily operated by anybody

Equipped with a one-touch automatic calibration function. The cable connection is an easy-to-attach/detach one-touch type. The data is conveniently displayed in real-time through the Auto-Hold function, allowing for easy visual monitoring during measurements. Furthermore, it is equipped with a diagnostic function that indicates the replacement timing of each sensor and displays errors.

Easy and convenient data management function

Easy computer integration is possible with USB connectivity.

The LCD display makes it easy to read and operate

The data is displayed clearly on the LCD screen for easy viewing. Possible to operate easily with one hand. Various functions are displayed with easily recognizable icons.

Convenient for field measurements

Designed for field measurements, it having been enhanced with impact resistance using soft resin materials. Also equipped with a convenient carrying bag as a standard accessory.

The turbidity sensor (U-53) is compliant with EPA Method 180.1

The U-53 incorporates a turbidity sensor that is compliant with EPA Method 180.1. Equipped with a wiper.


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