Human Health Care

For the Human Health Care industry, the ability to differentiate and measure the different body fluids compounds, is a key point for the prevention and diagnosis of numerous illnesses.

HORIBA provides In Vitro Diagnostic solutions, with a wide range of blood analysers in Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Coagulation. 

The HORIBA’s instruments allow the identification and counting of the blood cells, detection and measure of proteins and molecules, involved in metabolism and coagulation processes, to help getting the more reliable medical diagnosis.

Furthermore, with the numerous quality tools provided by HORIBA, and its international training center, you will always be sure to get the more reliable results. 

Our analysers are designed for all laboratory sizes, from point-of-care to automated solutions, when high productivity is required in routine. Our solutions are used in public and private laboratories (Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Laboratories, Research Centers…), in more than 110 countries.

Our product range includes :

- Blood analysers
- Middleware/Work station
- Tracking system
- Automated slide & stain producer
- Control Quality software
- Cytology training software
- Reagents, controls & calibrators

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Detection of Small Molecules using an Ultrasensitive SPRi based NanoAptasensor
Production of a rescued recombinant monoclonal antibody directed against a steroid hormone and its binding study thanks to Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging technology
Production of a rescued recombinant monoclonal antibody directed against a steroid hormone and its binding study thanks to Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging technology
A monoclonal antibody (mAb) highly specific to a steroid hormone (undisclosed) of 290 Daltons was analyzed thanks to SPRi technology. This application note highlights the sensitivity of the XelPleXTM system for the detection of small molecules.
Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi) for Foodborne Pathogen Screening
Comparison of SPRi and ELISA in the Evaluation of Biomolecules in Crude Samples
The use of SPRi for the characterization of multiple ligands: Examples of Alzheimer's disease investigation and circulating antibodies bioassay optimization
Insulin Structure and Stability Assessment
Stability and aggregation of insulin are studied using simultaneous fluorescence excitation emission matrices (EEMs) and UV-Vis absorbance spectroscopy [1]. Insulin is a protein-hormone, produced by the pancreas and is necessary for basic metabolic processes. The different types of commercial insulin therapeutics generally fall into two categories: short-acting and long-acting insulin. The difference between some short-acting and long-acting insulin is, in some cases, only one to three residues in the protein sequence.
Measurement of Sodium in Athlete's Sweat
sodium in athlete s sweat_01
Measuring Sodium and Potassium Concentrations in Athlete's Sweat
Na K in athletes sweat_01
Characterizing Tooth Decay with Fluorescence
The Measurement of Singlet Oxygen Lifetime Sensitized using Rose Bengal
The study of singlet oxygen (1O2) is of interest, principally, as it is a highly reactive species. It can be produced by photosensitisation, usually of a molecule such as a dye or porphyrin. Thus, by the appropriate selection of sensitiser, the presence of oxygen and light, 1O2 can be selectively generated. From a biological aspect it has the ability to damage and destroy cells, which has lead to interest in its use as an anticancer agent in photodynamic therapy (PDT).
Quality Assurance Program
HORIBA is providing a full solution to answer the laboratory needs: the Quality Assurance Program (QAP), the Control Quality Program (QCP), the Quality Slide Program (QSP).
Data Management
Data management includes software and services that provide an interface between in vitro diagnostic (IVD) instruments and Laboratory Information System (LIS) or between instruments in the same work area.
Laboratory Automation Systems (LAS) is a multi-disciplinary strategy to research, develop and optimize on technologies in the laboratory that enable new and improved processes.
Slide Digitalization
Slide reading is a mandatory step in laboratories, to confirm severe pathology diagnosis. Thanks to this automated pre-classification of blood cells morphology, the digitalization solution will allow you to save time and to get a reading standardization, compared to the use of a traditional microscope.
Infectious Screening
Infectious screening is the laboratory examination which can rapidly and early detect an infectious disease, with the intention of intervening and/or modifying the treatment.
Blood Cells Monitoring
Abnormalities of blood cells parameters are evaluated through laboratory testing in order to monitor quantitative acceptance criteria related to specific pathologies and/or applications.
Blood Cells Disorders Diagnostic
Blood disorders are the pathologies which can affect the quantity as well as the functionality of the blood cells. The diagnosis of hematologic disorders is performed and based on the: - Medical history (symptoms) - Physical examination - Laboratory tests Blood cells disorders could affect Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets.
Visualizing dental caries using fluorescence lifetime microscopy
Teeth are naturally fluorescent and changes in their composition, caused by decay for example, affect their fluorescence behavior.
Drugs detection
A particular application in clinical, chemistry that allows the detection of illicit, natural or synthetic products. It's about detecting the abnormal presence in the urine or in the blood of drugs of abuse.
Disease & metabolism monitoring
Clinical chemistry instruments allow the monitoring of certain diseases, just as they allow the monitoring of specific molecules or drugs.
Abnormal metabolism diagnosis
The clinical chemistry dosages of proteins, enzymes and ions, provide the measurement of concentrations for all of these analytes. When these measurements reveal blood molecular concentrations outside normal values, the interpretation of the results may lead to the diagnosis of pathological metabolism.
Organ function & metabolism control
Application_-_Organ function and metabomism control
Clinical Chemistry can measure the blood levels of many proteins, enzymes, ions. These blood levels are related to the activities of many organs and to the general metabolism of the patients. The functions of organs thus explored, are essentially related to the hepatic, pancreatic, renal, muscular or even cardiac functions.


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Pentra 120 Series Blood Controls & Calibrator
MorePentra 120 Series Blood Controls & Calibrator
Yumizen G Series Reagents
MoreYumizen G Series Reagents
Routine / specific reagents for Yumizen G range coagulation analyzers
Pentra 120 Series Reagents (with SPS)
MorePentra 120 Series Reagents (with SPS)
Yumizen G Series
MoreYumizen G Series
My Companions for Coagulation Diagnostics
Yumizen H500/H550 Blood Controls & Calibrators
MoreYumizen H500/H550 Blood Controls & Calibrators
Pentra 120 Series Reagents (without SPS)
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ABX Pentra XL 80 Blood Controls & Calibrator
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Yumizen H2500/H1500 Blood Controls & Calibrators
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Pentra XLR Blood Controls & Calibrator
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Pentra C Series
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Extension of the Clinical Chemistry offer
Yumizen H2500/H1500 Reagents
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ABX Pentra 400 Reagents
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From routine to specific tests
Pentra XLR Reagents
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Yumizen G1550
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The Yumizen G1550 automated analyzer meets those daily expectations thanks to its unique features
Yumizen H550
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Full Walk Away Hematology Solution for Small Mid-Size Laboratories
Yumizen G800
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Fully Automated Coagulation Instrument
ABX Pentra XL 80 Reagents
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Microsemi CRP Blood Controls & Calibrators
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Yumizen G400
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Semi-automated Coagulation Instrument
Yumizen H500 Open Tube (OT) & Closed Tube (CT)
MoreYumizen H500 Open Tube (OT) & Closed Tube (CT)
Cost Effective Hematology Solution For Small Mid-Size Laboratories
Online cytology software - Hematovision
MoreOnline cytology software - Hematovision
Hematovision is free cytology atlas
Yumizen H500/H550 Reagents
MoreYumizen H500/H550 Reagents
Microsemi CRP Reagents
MoreMicrosemi CRP Reagents
Pentra C400
MorePentra C400
From routine to specific tests, perform them all on a single system.
Yumizen G200
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Semi Automated Coagulation Instrument
ISO 15189 Accreditation Support
MoreISO 15189 Accreditation Support
HORIBA experience in accreditation
Pentra C200 Reagents
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From routine to specific tests
ABX Micros ES 60 Blood Controls & Calibrator
MoreABX Micros ES 60 Blood Controls & Calibrator
Peri Analytical
MorePeri Analytical
At the heart of your laboratory organization
ABX Pentra XL 80
MoreABX Pentra XL 80
High performance haematology analysis with integrated validation
ABX Micros 60 Blood Controls & Calibrator
MoreABX Micros 60 Blood Controls & Calibrator
Yumizen SPS Reagents
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Pentra C200
MorePentra C200
Reliabilty and accuracy
Yumizen G100
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Whole Blood Point of Care System
Pentra XLR
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Compact and reliable hematology platform including reticulocytes by fluorescence
Pentra DX Nexus SPS Evolution
MorePentra DX Nexus SPS Evolution
Be productive and flexible, create quality
Automation - HELO Solution
MoreAutomation - HELO Solution
An innovative design solution covering all needs of high throughput automated hematology platforms
Yumizen H2500/H1500
MoreYumizen H2500/H1500
Mastering the Analyzis Process to Deliver Reliable Results
ABX Pentra 60 C+ Blood Controls & Calibrator
MoreABX Pentra 60 C+ Blood Controls & Calibrator
Quality Control Program
MoreQuality Control Program
Online Interlaboratory Comparison Program
LAQUAtwin K-11
MoreLAQUAtwin K-11
Pocket Water Quality Meters
ABX Pentra 60 Blood Controls & Calibrator
MoreABX Pentra 60 Blood Controls & Calibrator
ABX Micros 60
MoreABX Micros 60
Process efficiency in Hematology
Quality Slide Program
MoreQuality Slide Program
Qualification tool for cytology staff in accordance with standard NF EN ISO 15189
LAQUAtwin Na-11
MoreLAQUAtwin Na-11
Pocket Water Quality Meters
Pentra ES 60 Blood Controls & Calibrator
MorePentra ES 60 Blood Controls & Calibrator
Pentra MS CRP Controls & Calibrators
MorePentra MS CRP Controls & Calibrators
ABX Micros 60/ABX Micros ES 60 Reagents
MoreABX Micros 60/ABX Micros ES 60 Reagents
ABX Pentra DX 120 SPS Evolution
MoreABX Pentra DX 120 SPS Evolution
In the heart of hematopoiesis
EasyCell® assistant - Cell Image Analysis for the Hematology Laboratory
Pentra DX Nexus
MorePentra DX Nexus
Be productive and flexible, create quality
Pentra ES 60
MorePentra ES 60
Open tube analysis with a dedicated workstation ensuring complete convenience and flexibility
ABX Micros ES 60
MoreABX Micros ES 60
The Gold Standard : Perfect combination of intuitive use and innovative technologies
Pentra MS CRP
MorePentra MS CRP
How will you contribute to the reduction of antibiotic resistance?
ABX Pentra DF 120
MoreABX Pentra DF 120
Productivity and reliability
Yumizen SPS
MoreYumizen SPS
The reference in fully automated smearing and staining
Pentra ES 60 Reagents
MorePentra ES 60 Reagents
ABX Pentra ML
MoreABX Pentra ML
Centralized Validation
ABX Micros ESV 60
MoreABX Micros ESV 60
The Gold Standard of Veterinary Hematology Testing
ABX Pentra 60 Reagents
MoreABX Pentra 60 Reagents
ABX Pentra DX 120
MoreABX Pentra DX 120
In the heart of hematopoiesis
Quality Assurance Program
MoreQuality Assurance Program
Unique service support for quality and assurance
ABX Micros ESV 60 Reagents
MoreABX Micros ESV 60 Reagents
ABX Pentra 60 C+ Reagents
MoreABX Pentra 60 C+ Reagents
ABX Pentra DF 120 SPS Evolution
MoreABX Pentra DF 120 SPS Evolution
Productivity and reliability
Yumizen T6000
MoreYumizen T6000
Compact, Evolutive, Optimized Productivity, Safe
Pentra MS CRP Reagents
MorePentra MS CRP Reagents
Microsemi CRP
MoreMicrosemi CRP
World exclusive concept: Simultaneous blood analysis + CRP measurement, along with data management
Pentra DF Nexus SPS Evolution
MorePentra DF Nexus SPS Evolution
Improve your Hematology workflow
ABX Pentra 60
MoreABX Pentra 60
Small, Convenient, Bench-Top Analyser with Excellent Analytical Performance for Efficient Patient Care
Automated Blood smearing
ABX Pentra 60 C+
MoreABX Pentra 60 C+
A Dedicated Workstation for a Powerful Management of your Workflow
Pentra DF Nexus
MorePentra DF Nexus
Improve your Hematology Workflow
Yumizen P8000
MoreYumizen P8000
Improve the laboratory workflows and Automatize the results' validation
TDM - The Time-Domain Monochromator
MoreTDM - The Time-Domain Monochromator
Direct contact spotting
Calcium Imaging Microscope
Ca Imaging System
Ultra Fast TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer
LED Phosphorescence Light Sources
Fully automated label-free molecular interaction analysis machine One System for Molecule Screening & Crude Sample Analysis
Steady State and Lifetime Modular Spectrofluorometer
TCSPC Lifetime Kit
TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer
TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer
Water Treatment Plant Analyzer