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Medical Product Training

HORIBA Medical  proposes training sessions upon its whole range of products in Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Hemostasis. For our customers, HORIBA Medical  proposes training courses for any of its systems: in a Training Center, at the customer premises or e-learning training modules. For our distribution network, we propose technical, sales and application training courses that meet all the representing requirements. 

Face-to-face trainings are provided by qualified  trainers, they comply with established programs and they meet the requirements of the quality control agencies. Training courses take place in dedicated, pedagogical, technical and scientific rooms. Those qualifying trainings are acknowledged by the issuing of a Training Certificate.

Training Centers

The HORIBA Medical Training Centers are located in several continents, each one supports its geographic area.

Training Centers Localization

Each Center is the dedicated interlocutor of its area:

Northern America (Irvine, USA)

National Training Center

Set in beautiful Irvine, California, our training facilities spread out in over 2,100 sq-ft. offer a professional state-of-the- art laboratory atmosphere amidst the surrounding beaches, shopping, and hiking of the local environment. Exclusive hands-on learning allows the customer to spend valuable hours operating and maintaining their new system, complimentary off-site lunches give customers the opportunity to explore and relax. Because training classes are also provided for engineers and employees, customers have the opportunity to interact with the individuals providing support for their analyzer.

An exciting development for the training center is the implementation of a biomedical engineering training program. Our highly qualified engineers are fully trained on one of the numerous biomedical analyzers maintained in the Irvine facility while gaining a fundamental knowledge of biochemistry principles and methodologies.

Customers are able to enjoy accommodations at our nearby Corporate hotel, offering transportation to/from the airport and training facility along with nearby choices for dining and shopping.

QC Laboratory

In an effort to keep pace with our growing medical industry, we at HORIBA Medical maintain an advanced Quality Control laboratory equipped with the entire HORIBA Medical line of analyzers. Extensive studies are performed daily to help ensure quality performance of various reagents, controls, and calibrators. To be responsive to our customers’ needs, our QC lab tracks and monitors peer group reports as well as submitting data for peer group evaluation. Because customers must participate in proficiency testing, HORIBA Medical conducts quarterly testing on each analyzer with multiple PT agencies. Most recently, the new Pentra C200 Chemistry analyzer has been incorporated into our QC laboratory, testing various reagents currently being used at our customer locations.

Our QC lab continues to grow- providing a clean work environment where state-of-the-art meets style. With the addition of new equipment, reagents and software just beginning to emerge at customer sites, the QC lab is designed to keep us a leap ahead of our customer’s needs.

QC LaboratoryTraining Room


Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Thailand Training Center located in Bangkok is dedicated to Southeast Asia:

HORIBA (Thailand) Limited
393, 395, 397 ,399 401, 403 Lad Ya Road, SomdetChaophraya
Khlongsan District
Khlongsan District 10600

The Training Center Manager is Mr Antoine Meyrignac:

Tel: +66 (0) 2734 4434


Europe, Africa, open to all countries (Montpellier, France)

In Montpellier, France, the Training Center welcomes each year more than 500 trainees, from 90 different nationalities.

HORIBA Medical Training Center Staff_FR

From left to right:

Bruno Fernandes: Trainer
Olivier Bois: Trainer
Julien Hazourli: Trainer
Thibault Crès: Training Center Manager
Isabelle Lehmann: Assistant – E-learning referent
Eric Diaz: Expert Trainer

  • 5 training rooms  with videoprojectors
  • More than 40 systems on all HORIBA Medical range
  • 1 e-learning room equipped with 8 PC

International Training Centers Courses Planification

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E-learning Training

The e-learning offers to acquire or improve knowledge, regardless of the shedule or travel constraints. The e-learning modules proposed allow to track the acquision of knowledge and to obtain training attestation. Depending on each Training Center, other kinds of non-face to face trainings are available: pedagogic videos, webinar; please ask the Training Center of your area.

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