Screening Tests

Hemostasis Reagents

Screening tests allow the detection of coagulation abnormalities

Hemostasis screening tests,Prothrombin Time (PT) and Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT), are frequently used to assess the bleeding risk, for example before an operation or an invasive procedure. These tests can detect coagulation abnormalities (with the exception of factor XIII deficiency) but are not suitable for primary hemostasis disorders. 

HORIBA Medical offers a new range of liquid, ready-to-use reagents for more accurate global screening tests:
•    Yumizen G PT Liq
•    Yumizen G APTT Liq 4

The Thrombin Time is a screening test to assess abnormalities of fibrinogen and to detect inhibitors against thrombin or fibrin.
•    Yumizen G TT, a human thrombin for perfect assessment of fibrin formation.


*This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your HORIBA Medical sales representative or distributor for more information. 

Segment: Medical
Division: Hemostasis
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA ABX SAS

Screening Reagents

ReferenceProduct NameFormulationPackagingSystems
1300036338Yumizen G PT 5Lyophilized5 x 5mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036373Yumizen G PT Liq 4Liquid12 x 4mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036375Yumizen G PT Reco 5Lyophilized10 x 5mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036376Yumizen G PT Reco 10Lyophilized10 x 10mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036377Yumizen G APTT 4Lyophilized6 x 4mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036379Yumizen G APTT Liq 2Liquid6 x 2mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036381Yumizen G APTT Liq 4Liquid12 x 4mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036383Yumizen G FIB 2Lyophilized12 x 2mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036384Yumizen G FIB 5Lyophilized12 x 5mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036382Yumizen G TTLyophilized12 x 3mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200

Auxiliary Reagents

ReferenceProduct NameFormulationPackagingSystems
1300036386Yumizen G CaCl2 4Liquid12 x 4 mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036385Yumizen G IMIDAZOLLiquid12 x 15 mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036418Yumizen G SORBLiquid12 x 15 mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h
1300036420Yumizen G CLEANERLiquid4.5 LYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h
1300036421Yumizen G Clean SYSLiquid0.1 LYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h


Controls & Calibrators

ReferenceProduct NameFormulationPackagingSystems
1300036412Yumizen G CTRL l & llLyophilized2 x 5 x 1 mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200
1300036416Yumizen G CALLyophilized12 x 1mLYumizen G1550/G1550h/G1500/G1500h/G850/G850h/G800/G800h/G400/G200

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