Non-Contact Chemical Concentration Monitor

The next generation of Wet Process. HORIBA contributes to the optimization of process by providing chemical concentration management equipment that increase yield rate.

In order to fulfil the tight chemical concentration control required in semiconductor WET process, HORIBA realizes higher functionality to meet the needs by designing compact equipment while maintaining stable measurement and carrying out operator safety through its original sensor design.

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Completely non-contact and highly stable

Zero contamination is made possible by directly connecting a sensor externally to the PFA piping. This removes the need for plumbing construction when attaching the sensor, which reduces chemical accidents. In addition, by upgrading the optical system, the equipment has been made more compact while retaining the original specifications of CS-600F*1.

High quality and stable measurement

  • Zero contamination
  • Equipped with temperature compensation to enable stable measurement
  • Equipped with HORIBA original algorithm to compensate influence of air bubbles.
  • Same repeatability and stability with conventional CS-600*1


Suppression of vibration effects

  • HORIBA adopts an optical system structure that is strong against misalignment and synergizes with HORIBA original piping construction.


Space saving

  • Light source and light detector have been integrated into cell unit.

  • Panel mount display (9.6cm x 9.6cm)

Longer lifespan of light source.

  • Use of LED lamp Increases lifespan (5 years warranty)

Improves work safety

  • Semi-annually BG compensation cycle

  • Piping installation is not required when installing the product, which helps to reduce accidents such as chemical leak.

*1 CS-600 is HORIBA's optical liber type chemical concentration monitor.

Optical design and amplifier without using optical fiber coupled with miniaturization of sensor increase degree of freedom in installation

Direct and stable measurement is made possible for chemical with wide temperature range (20°C to 80°C)


Measurement Condition
Measurement Frequency: every 3 seconds
Moving Average: 16 times
Temperature: room temperature
Pipe Diameter: 3/4 inch

Initial Sample Concentration
NH3 : 0.95%    H2O2 : 5.15%    H2O: 93.9%

Measurement result
Sample (real liquid) measured for 1 hour shows excellent stability.

Easy installation and removal made possible

Model nameNon-contact type chemical concentration monitor
Measurement methodAbsorption spectroscopy
Concentration calculationTemperature compensated multivariate analysis
Measurement range/
Repeatability (mass%)

Model name

ComponentMeasurable rangeRepeatabilityAnalog output range





Conditions of measurement

1) Measurement Frequency: every 3 seconds
2) Moving average : 16 times


PFA tube 1inch or 3/4inch (Do NOT use anti-static type PFA tube)

Sample condition*1

Sample temperture : 20 to 80°C
Sample temperture, Atmospheric temperture fluctuation :
±1 degree C (period of time: 1 hour)
Sample pressure : Less than 0.2 MPa (G)
Sample pressure fluctuation : Within 0.02 MPa

Power source

DC 24V

Power consumption

Apporox. 30W (Transient electric current at the time of start is excluded)
WeightDisplay unit : Apporox. 0.9kg
Sensor unit: Apporox. 2.9kg
Dimension (WxDxH)Display unit : 96x135x96mm
Sensor unit: 238x135x190mm
Slanting angleSensor unit:
Vertical direction within ±3 degree
Lateral direction 0 to 90 degree
Light source5years
communicationParallel I/O, RS-232C, Analog output


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