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In order to optimize your long-term endurance tests on a chassis dynamometer, the automation application STARS MATS, Mileage Accumulation Test System, gives you the ability to integrate, control and manage all testing equipment and functions. The application, which is part of the STARS Automation Platform, is suited for a variety of test types, such as aging, validation and durability testing and is customizable to match your internal processes. The system enables you to manage the complete test cycle: specify interruption and resume points, reuse test parameters in case of a test restart to minimize repeat data entry, define data logger as well as limits and edit them while the test is running.

Monitoring of the vehicle state and the test cell environment allows for a fully automated test execution for endurance tests without human presence. In order to support the automated test execution and ensure a realistic simulation of the relevant environmental parameters, the system supports the integration of a wide range of devices, such as driving robots, weather stations and automatic refueling stations. The automation of your long-term tests with STARS MATS allows you to keep your processes flexible while at the same time optimizing your test cell utilization by reducing operational downtime.

Furthermore, the optimized user environment helps to simplify and accelerate your testing process as it is easy to use, intuitive to learn, has a clear test status display and a comprehensible device panel/touch panel. This also helps users to detect problems and to solve them autonomously.



  • Management of interruption and restart pointsUser defined Data Logger and Limits are editable during the test
  • Vehicle raw CAN interface through CANdb
  • Full integration of Driving Robots
  • Support for automatic refueling stations
  • Test parameters reusable in case of test restart


  • New application framework
  • User-friendly editors
  • Self-troubleshooting


  • User customization
  • STARS Platform


  • Off-line test configuration
  • Cluster Server

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