CS-100 Series

CS-100 Series

Stand-alone Type Chemical Concentration Monitor


The CS-100 Series offers a complete lineup of high precision chemical solution concentration monitors for various solutions in cleaning and etching processes during semiconductor manufacturing. In addition to the high-speed response and compact design, measurement of each component concentration is conducted in real-time and the timing of chemical solution changes and automatic supply is warned with an alarm. The ability to perform short measurement cycles allows for accurate monitoring of concentration changes.

Example of chemicals can be measured


Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.
  • Concentration follow-up in real-time
  • Fully automatic measurements 
  • Comprehensive measure to eliminate air bubble during sequential measurements
  • A higher safety assurance by using 24 V DC
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • A higher overall yield
  • RoHS compliant


Model name

Measurement principleAbsorption spectroscopic method
Sample temperature20 to 30 Degree C
Ambient temperature20 to 25 Degree C
ComponentsMax. 4 components
Chemical rangeMax. 4 ranges
CommunicationParallel I/O, Analog output, RS-232C
Analog output
(4-20 mA)
Max. 2 components
Dimension205(W) X 329(D) X 269(H)mm
Power sourceDC 24V
Consumable partsHalogen lamp
Wetted materialPTFE, PFA, Sapphire or Quartz




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