Direct Liquid Injection System VC Series


This can vaporize pure water or liquid sources rapidly without carrier gas, and makes it possible to construct a compact vaporization system.
HORIBA can offer you a custom-made vaporization system consisting of this VC Series and the other components: liquid mass flow meters for flow rate measurement, high temperature mass flow controllers for measurement of vapor flow rate, valves, filters, heaters, and so on.


  • Compact size
  • Can be installed in a variety of positions.
  • Best-selling TEOS vaporization system models.
  • It combines SEF or LF, and digital control is possible.
  • No need for a special bubbling tank or vaporization tank.
  • Lineup of DeviceNetTM model.
  • RoHS Compliance

See sample of liquid precursors HORIBA works with

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC





Flow rate generated*1 (During TEOS generation)

Max. 5.0 CCM conversion (liquid phase conversion)


Liquids supported

 TEOS, P(OCH3)3, C6F6

Temperature rise

 Max. 150°C

Pressure generated*1

 Reduced pressure

External leak integrity


Internal Leak Integrity


Wetted mateliar

316L Stainless Steel ( polished surface )

Internal heater volume

 AC 100V to 120V 70W(35Wx2)

Temperature sensor used

Thermocouple K type (CA)

Pressure Resistance


 Standard Fitting

 Liquid inlet: 1/8 inch VCR type male Gas outlet: 1/4 inch VCR type female


*1 Varies depending on the type of liquid.


*CCM is a symbol indicating gas flow rate (mL/min at 25°C, 101.3 kPa).


Dimensions of Direct Liquid Injection System