The LA-930 features all the functionality of HORIBA's acclaimed LA-910 and LA-920 particle size analysis systems, together with new and improved software and hardware, to help users solve the most difficult application issues.

As the needs of users have become more stringent and the information more useful across a broader range of industries, HORIBA's superior technology has provided solutions that allow unparalleled performance combined with an ease-of-use that sets it apart.


  • Wide Size Range: Accurate particle size measurements from 0.02-2000 microns in as little as 20 seconds.
  • Accuracy, Precision, and Reproducibility: Accuracy and repeatability within 0.6% of the NIST-traceable polystyrene latex standards used for calibration. Reproducibility of results from location to location with the high accuracy and calibration of detector systems.
  • Dry Analysis: For powdered materials, the PowderJet II Dry Feeder system provides a simple, yet effective, method for analyzing particle size for both free-flowing and cohesive dry powders.
  • Compact Size: Compared to competitor's equivalent systems, the LA-930 provides full-range capability while taking as little as half the bench space. The advanced optical design and integrated sampling systems make for a convenient package for today's crowded laboratories.
  • Fast Analysis: The highly refined optical design and algorithm provides measurement results in 20 seconds, with class-leading accuracy and precision.
  • Powerful Software: The LA-930 software package combines a number of useful data handling tools, an easy-to-use operator interface and informatice instrument control features. A Real-Time Display, batch operations, database searching, three-dimensional display of up to 300 measurement results and summary reports allow for full control and analysis of the data. The user interface, print layout, and export functions are fully user-configured to provide the specific information required by each user.
  • Sample Circulation System: The high-output centrifugal pump, capable of suspending even the largest dense particles, a powerful in-line ultrasonic probe for dispersion of agglomerates, full solvent compatibility, and a standard fill pump, the complete sample dispersion and analysis sequence can be handled without the need for external sample preparation.
  • Ease of Use: With the built-in automation of the sampling systems and software, particle size analysis can be reduced to a single-button operation.

Manufactured by HORIBA


  • Size Range: 0.02-2000μm
  • Measurement Time: Adjustable in one second increments. Sample measurement time is less than 2 minutes from introduction of sample to data presentation.
  • Sample Requirement: 10mg to 5g per measurement with 150ml flow cell, depending on sample type.
  • Ultrasonic Working Time: 0-30 minutes with 1.0 second measurement increments (130W 20kHZ).
  • Circulation Rate: 0-12,000 ml/min (in case of distilled water), a 15 step selection.
  • Data Classes: 85 classes of logarithmically or fixed segments of data by graph or distribution table based on volume, area, length, or number.

Principle of Operation

The LA-930 uses Mie Scattering Theory (laser diffraction) to measure particle size over the range of 0.02-2000μm. The LA-930's optical design is optimized for light-scattering measurements, with an 87-element logarithmic detector system and automatic alignment, together with the shortest wavelength light sources available to provide full range measurements and the ultimate in sub-micron accuracy and resolution. The advanced design avoids the long optical bench previously required to measure larger particles, without combining multiple analysis methods in one measurement or giving up capablilities in the sub-micron range.


Dry Analysis - For powdered materials, the PowderJet Dry Feeder

system provides a simple, yet effective, method for analyzing both free-flowing and cohesive dry powders.

Automation - Adding automation accessories provides all the advantages of continuous, non-stop, unattended operation, including reduced labor costs, elimination of human error, and exceptionally reliable, repeatable measurements.

Fraction Cell / Holder - The curvette-type Fraction Cell allows liquid suspensions as small as 5 ml to be measured, making it perfect for measuring very valuable, extremely small, or hazardous samples.

Pharmaceutical Regulation Compliance - A 21CFR Part 11 compliant software package is available, as well as a full instrument validation package.