GD-Profiler HR™


The HORIBA Scientific GD-Profiler HR™ gives the optimum in terms of resolution and number of elements to solve analytical problems even in the most complex matrices.


  • Pulsed RF source and unique double differential pumping for optimum crater shape and resolution.

  • High resolution simultaneous optics (1m focal length) with full spectral coverage from 110 to 800nm, including VUV H, (D), O, C, N and Cl.

  • New generation of HORIBA Jobin Yvon original, ion-etched holographic gratings assure the highest light throughput for maximum sensitivity.

  • Patented HDD detection provides speed and sensitivity in detection without compromise.

  • Easily accessible sample compartment allows plenty of room for sample loading.

  • Powerful QUANTUM™ software with Report generator.

  • Patented CentreLite for precise sample loading.

  • Monochromator option (1m focal length) available only from HORIBA Jobin Yvon provides the perfect tool to increase instrument flexibility while adding "n+1" capability.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific