Laser Interferometric Camera and Endpoint Detector


  • Versatile LEM Camera series including laser interferometric camera and endpoint detector
  • Measures in real-time etch / deposition rates, trench depth and also detects interfaces
  • Real-time digital CCD image of the wafer surface for accurate laser spot positioning
  • May be mounted on any process chamber with direct top view of the wafer, simple chamber interface

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


The LEM camera series is available in three configurations:

LEM - Imaging Interferometric Camera

The LEM consists of an interferometric camera with a simple analog output of signal intensity. The compact head design is ideal for easy and rapid installation on chamber top windows. It integrates either a 670 or 905 nm laser source, signal detector and CCD camera. The CCD camera produces a real-time digital image of the wafer surface allowing the laser beam to be positioned accurately using a manual stage.

The LEM includes illumination intensity control to optimize the visibility of the laser spot on different samples depending on their reflectivity. This significantly enhances image quality.

LEM CT - Integrated Endpoint Monitor

The LEM CT includes an integrated software package running under Windows® with a powerful suite of tools to control, visualize, manipulate and store data.

An intuitive interface enables the user to rapidly design and optimize endpoint recipes. The software calculates etch/deposition rate and depth in real-time and features powerful endpoint algorithms that can be easily extended from simple to highly customized applications.

The LEM CT is the perfect tool to enhance the control of process termination and is suitable for a turn-key, integrated solution.


LEM PR - Fully Automated Endpoint System

The LEM PR is the complete automated version of the LEM camera including Cognex® pattern recognition software to automatically move the laser spot to the correct measurement site.

For integration into a OEM tool and factory network, both LEM CT and LEM PR include advanced communication capabilities via RS232, SECS, TCP/IP. An integrated SQL database allows data quality management for powerful APC functionality. Additional features include an interferometric simulator and reprocessing facilities for off line endpoint algorithm optimization.

The LEM PR provides the full performance and automation required for high volume production facilities.