Chamber Exhaust Pressure Controller for Bio process


HORIBA STEC’s mass flow controllers are renowned for their precise flow rate control of fluids, which has given them the number one share of the worldwide market. HORIBA STEC has applied the technology it has gathered over many years to produce a range of supplementary products.

The EC-5000 series exhaust pressure controller can maintain a consistent pressure (at a pressure set by the user) in the chamber. The high-resolution stepper motor and unique butterfly valve ensure a fast, high-resolution response.

HORIBA STEC’s range of pressure control system components also includes the UR-7300 series of ultra clean automatic pressure regulators and the PV (piezo valve) series of fast response valves that feature piezo actuators with metal O-rings.

Ideal for

  • Diffusion/heat oxidation processing.
  • For vertical furnaces, especially phosphor diffusion.
  • Ideal for pyrogen oxidation.
  • Spin coater/developer processing.

Create an exhaust pressure control system: HORIBA STEC’s lineup includes a very small differential pressure sensor (EMTGC1B-A) and controller (PCU-3000)


The EC-5000 series consists of an exhaust pressure controller that can maintain a consistent pressure (as set by the user) in the chamber. The high-resolution stepper motor and unique butterfly valve assure a fast, high-resolution response.

  • Suitable for high vacuum: Stainless steel body.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Models with PTFE bodies are also available.
  • Suitable for corrosive gases.

When the exhaust flow rate is adjusted to optimal levels:

  • The resist is distributed in an even film.
  • Secondary deposition of the mist is prevented.
  • The diffusion of dangerous vapor is prevented.

Furthermore, there is less change in sensitivity caused by the accumulation of resist and other contamination compared with flow rate sensor control, and the influence of turbulence and other noise is eliminated which enables superior, stable, responsive control.

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC


Model                   EC-




Compatible size



25 mm PTFE fitting

1 inch PTFE fitting

Materials at gas contact area

SUS316L, Fluoro rubber

PTFE, PEEK, Fluoro rubber

(in vacuum area)

0.4 to 80L/s

0.6 to 200L/s


Outflow at 100 mm H2O
(fully closed)




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